Why is Nayana Restaurant one of the best restaurants in Ajman Al Zorah?

Nayana Restaurant has many advantages such as:

  • Five-star service, so the family atmosphere is created by the restaurant.
  • Top quality of the Australian beef which is imported by private jets.
  • 100% fresh cooked vegetables.
  • The use of the best raw material.
  • We cares about your health, so we apply the rules and conditions for food safety and hygiene.
  • Our’s employees work on continuous and periodical sterilization of touchpoints to protect the visitors and tourists from any contagious viruses such as coronavirus.
  • The most important advantage of Nayana Restaurant is the electronic menu which reduces the touch that occurs in the paper menu in order to ensure the safety of visitors.
  • The whole restaurant from the entrance to the facilities is prepared for people with disabilities, so it is one of the best restaurants in Ajman.
  • Last few years, the restaurant had got a high tourist classification from Ajman Department of Tourism Development.
  • The restaurant creates enjoying atmosphere for visitors through the provided substantive programs and family nights.
  • Professional team of the Arab chefs work in the restaurant.

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Nayana Restaurant Advantages

Why Nayana Restaurant?

We care about all details to achieve all best results.

In addition, high quality and client satisfaction are our goals because the client is the guest and judge.

We always aim to make our clients satisfied, so we provide them with unexpected services and treat them with absolute credibility and transparency.

When it comes to food, we carefully choose the best items, daily slaughtered meat, the best Australian beef which is imported by jets, fresh fish, and vegetables, and seasoning them with the best spices.

Then, we stock up on them in perfect, sterilized, and ventilated fridges at appropriate temperatures according to strict conditions of safety and nutritional hygiene. After that, we prepare the food and serve it in clean dishes in front of our customers directly in our kitchens welcoming them to enter our kitchens whenever they want.

We provide innovated and updated electronic menus to reduce contact with hands for your safety.

These menus include the description of dishes items… Also, we take care of you as you are served by a professional team who is trained on Arab hospitality, fast service providing, and communication.

They have you with a smile from the first moment to your departure. Also, they welcome and appreciate all your comments and suggestions.

In addition, we prepared all the special facilities with the newest means, and some facilities are specialized for people with disabilities.

Thus, we deserved a high tourist classification from Ajman Department of Tourism Development, and we are proud of this.

Need a Table On Nayana

Need A Table On Nayana