Wonderful offers on a special breakfast buffet delivered to your location according to your preferences for all special occasions and gatherings. You can enjoy a morning breakfast with your guests at home or at the office and celebrate your occasion with the grandest selection of dishes.

Start your day with health and vitality.

If you want a delicious and balanced breakfast for your guests, rich in calcium, carbohydrates, fibers, vitamins, and minerals to kickstart your day with energy, then the best choice is undoubtedly Nayana Restaurant. It is one of the finest restaurants in Ajman, offering private outdoor buffet service for all occasions. Enjoy a comprehensive morning breakfast with various dishes, including authentic popular dishes such as Syrian pickles, Shamiya Fattoush, salads, different types of fresh dairy products and cheeses, appetizers in various shapes and tempting colors, Eastern and Western desserts prepared by professional hands that suit your refined taste, and many other specialties that distinguish our kitchen with its unique flavor and modern presentation, all within an open buffet that provides you with a wide range of choices.

Diverse cuisines and new surprises await you.

Our food options vary to meet different tastes. We take care to prepare traditional dishes while preserving the original flavor, constantly innovating to create new flavors and present them in a non-traditional way to stand out in your eyes. We strive to offer the best deals at competitive prices and endless surprises.


Nayana Restaurant is pleased to offer you an outdoor morning breakfast buffet featuring a rich selection of authentic Eastern breakfast dishes.

The morning buffet menu includes a variety of choices:

  • All kinds of Foul and Fattoush are prepared with a special seasoning made by skilled hands, such as Hummus Fattoush with oil or ghee, Shami Fattoush with eggs, Chicken Fattoush, Foul with tahini or oil, and Hummus with tahini or oil.

  • Delicious Syrian falafel with the finest oils.

  • Syrian Makdous filled with premium stuffing prepared from walnuts, garlic, and whole peppers inside Nayana's kitchen.

  • Fried eggs with Arabic ghee and boiled eggs, cut into cute shapes and garnished with pieces of tomato, cucumber, and refreshing mint.

  • Pastries with various fillings and unique flavors, such as spinach pies, Kishk, potato pies, distinctive Aleppo thyme, Syrian labneh, and many types of pizzas with a soft crust.

  • Various types of dairy products and cheeses (string cheese, halloumi, Akawi, pickled cheese, Labneh with milk, Labneh with olive oil and mint, and more).

  • Semolina or Syrian Halawa with green Aleppo pistachios.

  • A wide range of cold salads such as Fattoush, Tabbouleh, Cabbage salad, Arugula salad, and pasta salad prepared daily by Nayana's chef by selecting the best fresh vegetables, washing, and sterilizing them well.

  • Delicious cold and hot appetizers such as Hummus, Mtabbal, Grape Leaves, Mhammara, Kibbeh, Bark, Fried Potatoes, Hot Potatoes, and other irresistible varieties that open up the appetite and add a special touch to the table.

In addition, the buffet menu also includes a special section for cold and hot drinks such as green and red tea, Moroccan tea, Sahlab, Turkish coffee, Cappuccino, Ayran, soft drinks, and natural juices prepared and squeezed daily from delicious ripe fruits. Also, a variety of seasonal fruit baskets arranged attractively as if it were an artistic painting.

Our Motto:

Deep flavor and elegant presentation at prices that suit everyone.

Contact us now and tell us about your needs. Book the outdoor buffet service to get the best breakfast buffet offers tailored to your preferences.

Fantastic offers on a special breakfast buffet.

Experience a balanced and delicious breakfast.

A morning breakfast for your guests can be a unique and ideal experience with balanced and delicious options. At Nayana Restaurant, we offer a wide range of delicious and balanced foods rich in essential nutrients such as calcium, carbohydrates, fibers, and vitamins. We ensure that your day is filled with activity and vitality with our healthy breakfast.

Variety in foods and surprises.

In our breakfast buffet menu, we offer a wide range of diverse and delicious dishes. We take care to prepare traditional foods in the best possible way and always strive to innovate by adding new flavors. Choose from distinctive options such as falafel, Syrian falafel, luxurious Syrian Makdous, fried eggs with Arabic ghee, and pastries with tasty fillings. You can also enjoy a variety of cold salads, tempting appetizers, and diverse hot dishes.

Start your day with health and vitality.

Our motto is "Deep flavor and elegant presentation at prices that suit everyone." We promise you a unique and delicious breakfast experience with our special breakfast buffet. Contact us today and book the outdoor buffet service to enjoy the best breakfast experience tailored to your needs, adding a special touch to your special occasion.

Enjoy peace of mind with our premium service.

At Nayana Restaurant, we care about the comfort of our customers and strive to make the experience of having breakfast outside the home enjoyable. We offer an outdoor morning breakfast buffet service with a rich selection of delicious dishes, making it easy for you to enjoy unique moments with your guests without worrying about preparation and cleaning.

Variety in the menu.

Our menu is characterized by a wide variety of foods, with chefs respecting traditions and authentic flavors. Choose what suits your guests' tastes from a diverse range of pies, appetizers, and desserts. Each guest will find something they like in this comprehensive buffet.

Comfort and relaxation.

Our all-inclusive service for an outdoor breakfast buffet provides the pleasure of relaxation and focuses on celebrating special moments without worrying about small details. Our professional team takes care of all logistical aspects, from preparation to presentation, in an attractive artistic manner.

Celebrate with our unique style.

We take pride in offering a unique breakfast experience that reflects authenticity and refined taste. Enjoy the luxury of service and expert cooking, making the moments of celebration unforgettable for your guests.

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Contact our friendly team today to book and specify the details of your outdoor buffet. Let us take care of every aspect to make your occasion an unforgettable moment, where you can enjoy peace of mind and the taste of delicious food.