The good food in Nayana Restaurant is the best choice for you among Ajman restaurants to get lunch buffet

One of the important traditions in Persian Gulf handed down through succeeding generations that reflects the concepts of generosity and hospitality is eating with others while sharing the joy atmosphere with family, friends, groups, and travelers in the same table. Therefore, they can enjoy the hospitality and eating in restaurants, cafes, heritage desert camps, or on coastal beaches boats all over the United Arab Emirates.

Nayana Restaurant in Ajman has used its wonderful view of Al Zorah Lake and the amazing mangrove forests to create this elegant atmosphere by gathering all friends on the same table that is served daily in the restaurant. Our visitors will find the positive vibes, enjoy playing the violin, and listen to songs by a group of very talented singers every weekend. Moreover, they can enjoy all these moments with the imaginative sunshine, the warm sense of east, the restaurant’s design, the mood lighting, and the music that relax all of them to have an unforgettable experience full of luxury and great services at all levels.


Lunch Buffet in Nayana

Nayana Restaurant provides unlimited options in the lunch open buffet

which contains the best Syrian food made with all love by a professional staff who helps you enjoying the original Syrian taste. In addition, we provide you with the delicious food that is famous for the ancient Aleppo cuisine, the Damascene cuisine, and many other types of Arab and Gulf food as well as all western fine food.


Our main meals have several options

 and include Australian fresh beef which is imported by jets maintaining the highest standards of quality, in addition to the fresh chickens which are made by the professional chefs chosen carefully in Ajman. We care about preparing the food with modern and special recipes and spices.


We provide you diverse menu of items

such as lamb stuffed with nuts, chicken or meat mansaf, biryani rice decorated with nuts, fried onions, delicious spices, kibbehs of all kinds such as milky with delicious white rice, fried and grilled kibbeh, sumaqiya, sajiya kibbeh, etc., barak, chicken curry, in addition to seafood meals such as sayadiyah fish, fillet fish, and a wide variety of grills including chicken Grill with its unique flavor, meat kebabs with distinctive taste, and chicken kebab prepared in a wonderful way..


We also have a wide range of cold appetizers and fresh vegetables salads

in attractive colors and delicious taste such as tabbouleh, Fattoush, corn salad, cabbage salad, beetroot salad, and Cesar salad. We offer varieties of appetizers such as chickpeas, marinated, grape leaves, barak with their various fillings cheese, chicken, meat, vegetables, raw kibbeh, and others. Also, we offer a variety of nutritious soups such as lentil soup and mushroom cream soup, or chicken and pasta of all kinds such as bechamel pasta, chicken pasta, and mushrooms, as well as all kinds of Fattah for example chicken Fattah with ghee and pine nuts.


The section on different types of sweets Eastern and Western will take you to another world where you will have a unique tasting experience for example irresistible taste of kunafa with cream and pistachios, pudding, um Ali, cream caramel, katayef with cream, sweet cheese, variety of seasonal fruits, fruit salads with and without chocolate with the great taste, and pudding prepared with a distinctive recipe.


We care of preparing the food for you using the best items to decorate it in a very elegant way, so it will be provided in a delicious and distinctive taste because of the recipe that will make your day.


We offer cold and hot drinks, juices of various kinds, cocktail, mineral water, Arabic coffee, tea, sage tea, and more.


We also have a variety of fresh juices of the best fruits that enrich your table with a refreshing taste such as pomegranate, kiwi, guava, and sugarcane juice that taste great, and we prepare banana milk and strawberry milk.


What distinguishes Nayana Restaurant:


  • Specialist staff in hospitality to serve the finest food properly.


  • Team of professional chefs who are experienced in preparing and serving the eastern and western dishes brilliantly to suit your luxury.


  • Great interest in keeping food safety and hygiene standards, applying them directly in front of our customers, and caring to prepare the high-quality meat and fresh vegetables dishes we serve so that you will taste the best of our and have an experience worth repeating.


  • Competitive prices which suit all of you, and exclusive factual enticing offers.


  • Modern and Creative food menus. We always update our menus so you can have a unique experience each time and a taste will only be found with us.


Contact us, start your unique experience, and have a special full of love lunch.