If you want to celebrate any occasion in any place whether in or out your home, there should be some arrangements before every single occasion. The buffet is one of the important arrangements that help you serve the breakfast, lunch, or dinner in your valuable occasion even if it is limited to your close people.

You may be confused and can’t choose the best restaurant that will provide you with the suitable open buffet for your occasion and meet your needs perfectly.

Just contact Nayana Restaurant and order Nayana’s special buffet. We keen on providing the best at all, so we will provide you with all necessary information for your occasion and give you an overview of all features that you will get if you choose our restaurant to serve an open buffet at your home. We have specialists to give you some important tips related to your occasion open buffet, inform you about the best offers, tell you about the price list which suits your budget, and help you choose the best food for your occasion. Moreover, they tell you about the latest trends in the occasions and hospitality world. They give you creative ways to make your buffet part of the decoration so that you will have a luxurious hospitality that everyone will talk about for years because it will reflect your manners and kindness on the most important occasion for you.

Preparation of home buffets on demand from Nayana cuisine at enticing offers and affordable prices.


The open buffet in home has several features, that we are mentioning here, and many the services and arrangements, that are provided, which will start when you inform us about the number of the guests. This information is very important because it helps us identify the buffet size in meters and know the way of serving the food and the main dishes through knowing their number, then appetizer, salads and finally sweets.


Organizing your table according to your taste.

We choose the shapes and positions of the tables carefully through placing them in an independent place that is easy to access, so it will suit the organization of the concert hall. We keep the size of the table to suit the number of the items to help the guests access all items easily. Also, we make a separate table for desserts at the end of the buffet.

In addition, we ensure to decorate the food with the bright colors to look delicious before eating. This would make your guests happy by leaving a good memory for them. We seek to choose the best corner in your home for the buffet because it will help us arrange the buffet brilliantly, make a separate part for each item, and bring the large fruits such as watermelon and pumpkin and chop them in a beautiful artistic way.


Endless variety of fresh food that we serve you.


Our kitchen has several Arabic, Western and Gulf Food items that makes the buffet rich and varied, and it is vital to bring meat, chicken, and fish dishes to satisfy all guests' tastes.


we have all kinds of chicken and beef Mansaf for example grilled and filled lamb Mansaf, Jordan Mansaf, Kabsa Mahashi Mansaf, mandi rice, and biryani rice.


We grill the meat in front of you.

As well as the meat and chicken shawarma that we prepare in front of you and many other varieties.


When it comes to the side dishes such as appetizers, soups, and salads, our kitchen is full of such dishes. You will find every cold and hot appetizer pops into your mind such as chickpeas, Marinated, baba ghanoush, Syrian sauce, grape leaves, hot and fried potatoes, Syrian Mafraka potato, kibbeh, and barak. When it comes to soups, we have lentil soup, vegetable soup, cream of mushroom soup, cream of chicken soup and many more. Moreover, you can choose any type of salads as you want, for example tabbouleh, Fattoush, Caesar salad, watercress salad, tuna salad, olive salad.


When it comes to the desserts, Nayana’s kitchen contins several items of oriental and western sweets such as kunafa, sweet cheese, mixed ice cream, cheesecake, and clair which are prepared and served in small sizes and ample quantities to cover the number of guests. And more than that, you can find luxury cake molds that are made upon your order.

The buffet certainly cannot be without cold and hot drinks that are distributed to guests regularly over time.

What distinguishes our buffet is the corner of the fresh and seasonal fruit that are peeled, cut, and placed in a special corner of the buffet as if it is a valuable masterpiece.


Ask us about food and dessert menus that are offered in Narayana Restaurants buffet, especially for concerts. Also, ask about the available enticing offers that guarantee you a luxurious and elegant buffet at a cost that fits your budget.



Nayana Restaurant buffet is distinguished by the kitchen which is equipped with luxury equipment, utensils, and high-quality food items that help in preparing a wedding buffet of elegance and luxury. We prepare the home buffet as the restaurant buffet because the provision of our services is depended on professionalism wherever we provide them. In addition, we care about choosing professional hospitality staff who works on serving the guests and decorating the buffet brilliantly.


We have a professional hospitality staff who serves your concert guests by providing them with the food and helping them to choose it from the buffet. Our staff also provides the guests with light appetizers at their tables and all kinds of drinks before and after the buffet. In addition, our staff ensures delivering the food in the best way because we have cars that transport the food and keep it fresh no matter how far away. We also have tables, tablecloths, and comfortable seats always ready upon your order.

Rely on us to get your wedding buffet hospitality that reflects your good taste, the luxury of your occasion, and how you appreciate your guests.


Just contact us and order your home buffet, and we will meet all your needs.